Click here for College Visitation Form & Job Shadowing Form

VHS now has a form that a student MUST have parent/guardian signature of approval PRIOR to taking a college visit or job shadowing. College Visit Permission Slip (on bottom part of form) is due back to Guidance Office at least two days in advance of the visit.  Job Shadowing Form must be returned to Guidance Office as well.  Forms are available in Guidance Office, and also available by clicking on link above for your convenience.  If you have any questions or need support, please contact the Guidance Office.    

Important Deadline Dates for ACT in 2020 & 2021

All photo upload deadline is by midnight CST.  Please check www.act.org/ for the most up-to-date information regarding test dates, deadlines, test center information, and cancellations.

Test Date: 9/12/20, 9/13/20, 9/19/20
Registration Deadline: 8/14/20
Late Registration Deadline: 8/28/20
Photo Upload Deadline: 9/4/20

Test Date: 10/10/20, 10/17/20, 10/24/20, 10/25/20
Registration Deadline: 9/17/20
Late Registration Deadline: 9/25/20
Photo Upload Deadline: 10/2/20

Test Date: 12/12/20
Registration Deadline: 11/6/20
Late Registration Deadline: 11/20/20 (no late fee)
Photo Upload Deadline: 12/4/20

Test Date: 2/6/21
Registration Deadline: 1/8/21
Late Registration Deadline: 1/15/21
Photo Upload Deadline: 1/29/21

Test Date: 4/17/21
Registration Deadline: 3/12/21
Late Registration Deadline: 3/26/21
Photo Upload Deadline: 4/9/21

Test Date: 6/12/21
Registration Deadline: 5/7/21
Late Registration Deadline: 5/21/21
Photo Upload Deadline: 6/4/21

Test Date: 7/17/21
Registration Deadline: 6/18/21
Late Registration Deadline: 6/25/21
Photo Upload Deadline: 7/9/21

Register online at www.act.org/.

ACT Registration Information

Website:  www.act.org/ 

High School Code: 363110

Seniors are encouraged to take the fall tests: September, October & December. December is the last test date that most colleges will use for merit-based scholarship opportunities. However, seniors may continue to take the test for program qualifications or course requirement/placement if needed.

Underclassmen are encouraged to take the December, April or June test dates. These dates have the availability to purchase your test back from ACT with your answers and the answer key, Test Information Release. The fee is $20 at the time of registration or there is a mail in form.

Juniors will be taking the state-funded ACT exam in February 2021 (TBA).  For any questions, please contact the Guidance Office.