Mission Statement

The counseling program at Valley High School is designed to assist your child make the most of his or her educational experiences. We are concerned about his or her emotional well-being, academic progress, and personal and social development.

Leadership Roles:
Register for students- scheduling, coordinate academic awards/recognition ceremonies and records maintenance for all current and former students.

Testing coordinator-Ohio Graduation Test, SAT, ACT, PSAT and any others required, testing data analysis, and coordinate summer tutoring and testing.

Transition Services:
Arrange college representative visits and on campus visits, coordinate post-secondary scheduling, arrange financial aid workshops, career counseling, organize and distribute scholarship opportunities and facilitate Upward Bound programs.

Short term Crisis and grief counseling, conflict resolution, classroom guidance, behavioral counseling, counseling at risk students and prevention counseling for violence, harassment, and bullying. We do not provide disciplinary actions, family counseling, long term student counseling or financial counseling. Referrals may be made to outside agencies when necessary. Students are free to come into our office anytime they need to talk, and you may call our office when needed at 740-259-5551.