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Headbands for Hospitals to Battle Covid-19
The Engineering Program at Scioto County CTC and Valley High School are making Headbands that will be used for Face Shields at Local hospitals and Health Care Facilities. Craig Tackett (The Engineering Instructor of these Programs) says that they hope to make around 60 headbands a week during this time. Mr. Tackett says that Jared Gahm (Valley Junior and a student of the CTC Engineering Program) is volunteering by using his home 3D printer to help make these. “Jared is helping a lot with this project, and is making lots of headbands”, said Mr. Tackett. “It’s such a great thing to see students like Jared so eager to help make a difference.” Mr. Tackett would also like to thank the administration at both schools for allowing use of the lab equipment to help with such a great cause. Also, Mr. Tackett would also like to thank Ryan Hawk (Technology Coordinator) for getting us in touch with the organization distributing these masks.