School Closed due to the continued growth of Covid-19
Valley Local Schools will be closed from March the 16th through to April the 3rd.
Parents, staff will be available from 9-2 daily if parent or student would have questions concerning the assignments.  Teachers will be checking email and responding when they can.  Our buildings are closed to the public.
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College Credit Plus Update
UPDATE 4/1/2020: 
The following Letter of Intent and Shawnee State University application needs to be submitted to Guidance Office by May 1, 2020.  Here are the following ways you can get the completed forms back to us by the May 1st deadline:  1.  Drop off the completed two forms on Wednesdays in April from 11 A.M. - 12 noon outside in front of VHS (keeping social distancing); 2.  Email pictures of the completed forms to [email protected] or [email protected]; 3.  Fax to Guidance Office at (740) 259-6639; 4.  Mail to Valley High School Guidance Office at 1821 St. Rt. 728, Lucasville, OH  45648. 
Click on following attachments for forms:
Google ATTENTION: Parents of Grades K-2 students Whose Teacher's are Using Google Classroom
You will need to have an existing Google Gmail Account, or create a Google Account with your existing Email that is not a Gmail account. Please click here for more information.  
VHS Honor Roll - Third Nine Weeks
                              VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL
                    HONOR ROLL - THIRD NINE WEEKS

Senior Class
All A’s:  Aaliyah Browning, Michigan Cochran, Alabama Cutler, Gabriella Egbert, Connor Fell, Ethan George, Karrie Jarrells, Caity Marsh, Alex Morris, Hutson Oyer, Cameron Phillips, Evie Phillips, Allison Price, Amelia Slone, Rylie Smith, McKensie Spencer, Megan Turner, Jacob Ward, Kathryn Wood
A’s & B’s:  Tre Bratchett, Jacob Brickey, Brooklyn Buckle, Bre Call, Karsyn Conaway, Regan Conley, Caitlyn Fell, Brooke Hill, Abigail Howard, Christian Lewis, Kayden Mollette, Tessa Riffe, Lacey Stevens, Gwenyth Thompson, Wyatt Tubb, Haley Williams, Mason Zaler
Junior Class
All A’s:  Ryleigh Adkins, Addison Copley, Tory Donini, Olivia Greer,
Libbey Higginbotham, Izabell Logan, Abigail McKinney, Gail Montgomery,
Rylee Morrow, Haylee Stone
A’s & B’s:  Andrew Andronis, Kylie Bell, Nick Bowles, Natalie Buckle, Emma Gahm, Daegen Glover, A.J. Johnson, Caitlin Kennard, Jacob LeBrun, Nick Mowery, Gabe Stevens, Erica White, Blake Wood
Sophomore Class
All A’s:  Emma Bentley, Sophia Carter, McKenna Dunham, Emma Fitch,
Marisa Howard, Rylee Johnson, Landon Jones, Blake Kidd, Tracy Lewis,
Tyler Longmire, Tucker Merritt, Anna Stevens, Bryce Stuart
A’s & B’s:  Sarina Allie, Emily Blanton, Taylor Cunningham, Isaiah Delotell,
Anna Marie Elliott, Gage Fannin, Kellyn Mollette, Chase Morrow, Nathan Nickles, Grace Phipps, Chase Ruby, Macy Skaggs, Austin Sommers, Reuben Thayer, Lexi Whitt, Haley Whitt
Freshman Class
All A’s:  George Arnett, M.J. Basham, Elizabeth Brown, Colten Buckle,
Lakota Davis, Callie Lansing, Ty Perkins, T.K. Sparks
A’s & B’s:  Lucie Ashkettle, Kason Bauer, Harlee Buckler, Mason DeAtley,
Jayden Duncan, Hunter Edwards, Kaleb Elmore, Andrew Essman, Kendal Farley, Isabella Fultz, Mackenzie McKinney, Jacob Meeker, Hali Miller, Justin Moore, Carter Munion-Nickel, Christopher Queen, Annabelle Sherman, Abigail Webb
Valley Elementary and Middle School Honor Roll for the 3rd 9 Weeks 2019-2020 School Year
Click here to see the Honor Roll  
yearbookpj The HS yearbook staff is still working hard to complete the 2019/20 yearbook. Please get your orders in. Thank you!
Buy a Yearbook
Somethings to Mention
Parents, just some things to mention. One thing was to mention students from 3rd through 12th Grade have School Google Accounts. They should be able to login with their own account to do work. If they are having trouble, make sure that they are putting the after their username. All student accounts are their last name then first initial and the year they graduate. So, for example, a 3rd grader with the name John Doe would be doej29.(29 is 2029 the year they graduate)


We also wanted to mention some devices you may not think of for them to do School work. A Smartphone that has apps and a tablet will most likely let them do the work they need to do. The Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Classroom apps will be very help for them to do their work. Chromebooks are definitely great and also Windows and Macintosh computers are great for all their school work.


As for the work that has to be done. Just do the best you can. We understand the situation many are in where internet may not be the best or technology may not be available. We just want to try the best we can to keep learning going. Many should have home instructions packets for your student. Also, please be sure and tell the students to check their email daily. They should be getting emails from their Teachers about work. Have them feel free to email their Teachers with any questions concerning the work. Also, here is the link for our Blizzard Bag Lessons where a lot of the work is posted just in case you need it:


ind Valley Blizzard Bag Lessons
Click to read more
Free Internet Access to Spectrum Broadband & WI-FI
Click to read if you can't see below as well 
Message from Superintendent Scott Rolfe
Valley Local will be in attendance on Monday, March 16th. As a district we feel our staff will be prepared to distribute the extended assignments by the end of day on Monday. By attending Monday, this allows parents one more day to prepare for child care and allows our staff to have one more day of regular instruction with the students. Please stay tuned for further updates as we continue to make our plans. At this point, we do know students will NOT be in attendance March 17 - April 5th.

Thank you,
Scott Rolfe
Superintendent of Valley Local Schools
Newly Added District Calendar for 2020-2021 School Year  image Newly Added District Calendar for 2020-2021 School Year
Click to see it and download a copy for printout 
gg Pictures from our Giggles and Grandberries Preschool
Click here to view the great pictures from this event  
1935 1935 Graduation Pictures
We always welcome Valley Educational materials from Years past.
A Salute to Our Students
We want to congratulate and salute the following senior students who have committed to serving our great country after graduation. 
  Lyndsay Mefford -           United States Army
  Hutson Oyer -                   United States Air Force
   Braden Walker -                United States Army
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