Buses will pick up VMS students before VHS students this school year. VMS bus riders will be dismissed before parent pick-ups. There will be no parking permitted in front of the building starting at 2:15 until the buses leave at approximately 2:35. Cones will be placed to clear the front parking lot at 2:15. If you need to pick your child up between that time frame, please call the office to make arrangements. Students getting picked up will be dismissed from the building as soon as the buses leave. The cones out front will be removed, and then parents of 5th graders may park in the front. Parents parking in the front will need to park in two single-file rows. Only 5th graders and siblings of 5th graders will be dismissed out front. If you are a parent of a 5th-grader, please do not arrive before 2:35 because there will not be available parking. If you are a parent of a student in 6th-8th grade, you will pick up your child in the back parking lot. We will use the cone system in the back to stop traffic for students in 6th-8th grades. All parents must be parked in a parking space and remain parked until the cones in the back have been removed and the school staff has signaled to begin leaving. During the first few weeks of school, morning dropoff and afternoon pickup tend to be more congested as we are all adjusting to new routines, so please be patient with us and each other.